Why Should you have
your boiler serviced?
Oh No!
The horrors we have seen.
Sorry but we're going to have to install
a whole new system.

Don't be fooled.
We like old Boilers
We're sure that your system is fine.
We know that older boilers are built to last.
Generally speaking, those old cast iron workhorses go on
and on iif not modified by unqualified or inexperienced

Troubles only start with boilers when they are not
maintained on a regular basis.

Get yourself in to a habit of having an annual service
performed on your boiler and allow us to get any
preventive maintainence out of the way before the heating
season kicks off again.
Full Gas boiler service with report   $185.00 + Tax
Estimate will be given for boilers larger than 300,000 Btu
Phone us in advance and have your
boiler serviced around your schedule

Call or Text 206 334 5551
Boiler servicing