Why Radiant Floors?
New construction or Retrofit?
Radiant floor heat is economical - heating
the house and contents - not heating the air
first (both hot air and baseboards heat the air
first. This reduces your operating costs by
20% to 40% or more!)

Radiant floor heat is quiet, clean and healthy,
requiring no blown air that can distribute dust
and pollen to trigger allergies.

Radiant floor heat is warm not hot. No hot
surfaces that can burn your skin or discolor

Radiant floor heat is hidden—there are no
bulky radiators, registers or ventilation ducts
to interfere with furniture or traffic flow.

Radiant floor heat is COMFORTABLE
radiating heat to you and your surroundings,
warming you from the bottom up and ending
cold feet forever!

Radiant floor heat is recognized as the
quality leader and adds appreciably value of
your home.
Radiant floor systems
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