How do you Retrofit an
old or new house with
radiant floors?
  • This is a tough one! We will not tell you that it is easy.
  • You do have some different options.

Option 1
If you are performing an extensive remodel of your home you will probably be
removing either the ceilings or sub floors.
We would recommend the Ultra fin system due to the amount of electrical
wiring, plumbing, wood bracing and nails penetrations usually found within
the existing floor cavities.
With the ultra fin system we can navigate around this problem and still give
you a very effective Infloor heating solution.
Quality balancing manifolds
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Long lasting Pumps
Ultra fin installed Under floor
Option 2
A lightweight concrete with a minimum 1 1/2" depth can be poured over existing flooring
This can only be applied if your engineer / Architect can allow approximately 14lb per sq
ft extra weight to the structure.
Simpler in new construction but we can install this type of radiant floor as a retrofit,  
We like this type of radiant floor heating the best. Very easy to install and it provides a
very even heat. Thin slab radiant floors have a much quicker response time. With this
type of radiant floor the space it is heating can be changed by the radiant floor as fast
as 3 degrees per hour. Thin slab radiant floors have many floor covering options. (tile,
stained concrete, wood using sleepers, carpet, etc.). Typically the water temperature
used in this type of radiant floor is between 90° and 125° Fahrenheit.
A quick note: When installing this type of radiant floor you need to have a tension break
between the concrete and the wood substrate to allow the concrete and the wood floor
to expand and shrink at there own rates. We recommend using 6 mil. sheet plastic.
Tough Pex Tubing
Radiant floor Retrofit systems
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